Creative Photography

Photography- The New Lens

Photography has proven to be a much beloved pass time for many. It has even become a profession to take on full-pledged for many, not only for photographers but for students, teachers, journalists and many others. It isn’t surprising to see people going out of their way to learn photography these days, opting to buy better cameras in order to take enhanced photos which will capture moments more vividle. Not to mention, sharing photos has become almost mandatory on occasions throughout the year.

Creative Photography

The internet has made it much easier for people to share their photography as well as get feedback on it, opening doors for improvement and even fulfillment. The social platforms in which photography can be reconnoitered are vast in number. From Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, too many other online avenues of communication. Photography is no longer a stranger to millions if not billions worldwide.

Creative Photography- Changing Tides

The domain of photography has never remained constant; it is persistently advancing and developing, never remaining what it was the day before. In line with this, it isn’t surprising to see the rise in creative photography. Ideas for creative photography seem limitless at times.

From the type of camera used, to the type of picture being made, to the method being used in order to alter the end result, creative photography covers a wide range of areas. The ideas are just as crazy as the end works! A number of ideas are used in order to allow photographers the opportunity to explore both within and beyond their comfort zones.

Photographs may be presented in color, in black and white, they may be taken from different distances, using different angles or starting points, they may be printed on different materials; depending on what the photographer wishes to see. The person or object being photographed also has a huge effect on the final product.

Photography in essence is creative on its own. The fact that each artist or photographer will have their own perspective and way of taking or making photos says it all. There is no particular objective on how each piece of photography must turn out to be. This by default leaves much room for originality and innovation. It is no wonder photography has proven to be therapeutically for many, offering console in times of difficulty and memories to cherish and hold for life. Laughter, sadness, anger, innocence and so much more can be captured through photography. Each work can speak a thousand words without saying a word! The unique veracity of photography makes it appealing and a game changer for the world’s history. It would be impossible to imagine the world we live in today without photography.

The question remains at large, is it photography that has led to an increase in creativity or is it creativity that has led to an increase in photography? It seems like the debate over which one increased the other will go on until the end of time.  Until then, creative photography will continue to flourish.