Tips To Turn Your Bed and Breakfast Luxurious

When operating bed and breakfast business, it is necessary to think of your clients as guests. You are the host of your house, not just the owner and thus, it is your duty to ensure your guests’ stay is as comfortable as possible. Hospitality is the key to success in your business. Word of mouth might travel about your hospitality and business will be booming for you in no time. Bed and breakfasts are popular because of the aura of a real home. Folks are generally attracted to it because it is comfortable and the hosts are often friendlier than hotel staff.

Tips To Turn Your Bed and Breakfast Luxurious
Tips To Turn Your Bed and Breakfast Luxurious

Follow these tips to have a better bed and breakfast service:

Be Friendly:

Interactions with the host can elevate a guest’s experience. As the host, it is your responsibility that your guests are entertained. You can try this by interacting with them or ensuring they interact with one another during breakfast or meal times. Guests love building a close friendship with their host. It will make it easier for you as well.

Give them a Warm Welcome:

First impressions are the key to wowing your guests. When guests first arrive, greet them warmly and offer to take up their luggage. Show them to their rooms. However, do not rush into giving them a tour of the house. Most of them might have traveled from afar and would like to rest first. Make sure you leave some chocolates on the pillow. You can arrange a welcome basket as well. Provide them with a jug of water or a cup of tea, according to their preference so that they can freshen up after the trip.

Provide Hand-Made Guides:

Your guests have traveled from very far away and thus have no idea of the exquisite locations or services your locality offer. It is a great idea to make a custom guide detailing all your recommended places. You can recommend any restaurants you love to visit. Include menu cards as well so the guests know what it has to offer. You can include car or bike rental services as well and the rates of these places. Include magazines or novels so that your customers have something to read if they are bored.

Stock up:

Stocking up on essentials and luxurious items is a smart move. Travelers often forget their stuff at home, so it is helpful if you have a few items to spare. First, ensure all your toiletries are present at their appropriate places. All toiletries should be travel sizes and packed so that the guests are assured they are the first ones to use them. Pack soap in small plastic, so they are hygienic. General toiletries include a shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, toothpaste and a shower cap.

You should have chargers of all types for all equipment. These include mobile phone and laptop chargers. It is great if you have sporting equipment for them as well. Bikes, different types of balls or a mini golf course in the backyard are great ways to entertain your guests.

You can use your backyard in a number of ways. For instance, you can add a bunch of hammocks so they can chill under the stars or tan under the sun comfortably. For more information about hammocks, click here. The Hammock Lab is a great site that allows you to analyze, which types of hammock would serve your purpose best.

You can also rent out beach gear like umbrellas, towels, chairs etcetera if you live near one. Hairstyling equipment is as essential as well. Include at least a hairdryer and a brush for every room.