How To Protect Yourself as A Bed and Breakfast Host

When you often find yourself hosting strangers in your house, you might start thinking or experiencing guests who are not as kind or ethical as others are. Tons of things can go wrong! You could be housing a criminal in your house! Whatever the case, one wrong step and you could even end up in jail, or worse, be a victim of robberies or other crimes. You need to ensure your own safety first and then worry about the safety of your guests.

How To Protect Yourself as A Bed and Breakfast Host
How To Protect Yourself as A Bed and Breakfast Host

Here are a few ways to protect yourself as a bed and breakfast host:

Add a Security System:

It is essential to add a home security system to your bed and breakfast. It not only earns you even more bookings but ensures your guests of their safety as well. It can assist you to monitor your house and keep an eye on suspicious guests. Of course, do not put cameras in the guest’s bedroom, as that would be highly unethical. Instead, put some cameras in the living room, kitchen, garden and front and back doors. Choose a security system that is automated and allows you to perform different functions easily. Put up a door security code and change it from time to time.

Screen Guests:

Do not be afraid to research your guests before you finalize their bookings. You are, after all, inviting them into your house and compromising your own security in the process. When your guests request to book a room in your bed and breakfast, run a background check on them. Search them up on social media networks and look for unusual or incriminating activities such as drug use et cetera. Trust your instincts as well; if guests seem a bit shady, then you have every right to decline them. Your security and other guests’ security should be the utmost priority.

Draw up Emergency Plans:

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. It is significant that your guests know where the essentials are in the case of an emergency. They should know where all the fire extinguishers are in case of a fire. You should have a first aid kit as well and make sure guests know where they are in case you are not around. Keep a tab of all emergency numbers and exit routes at the front desk of your bed and breakfast or a very visible area of the house like the fridge.

Legally Protect Yourself:

As mentioned above, accidents can happen anywhere. However, if they happen on your property, chances are that your guests will sue you for negligence. It might not be your fault; it might wholly be the mistake of your guest for not being careful. Whatever the case, you will still legally be at fault. Thus, it is imperative to legally protect yourself in such cases. If such a case ever occurs, be sure to hire a criminal lawyer. In cases where you have been incriminated, a criminal lawyer can come in very handy. They help you get through the intense tangle of the justice system.

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