How to Give an Edge to Your Bed and Breakfast

Are you running a bed and breakfast that needs to be revamped? Do you want to give the rooms in your bed and breakfast a whole new look? Do you want the rooms to be aesthetically pleasing as well as relaxing? Do you want to improve the standards of the breakfast you offer? Do you want to make the booking process easier for your customers? If the answer to any of those questions was YES, then read below to find out how you can do all these things for your bed and breakfast!

How to Give an Edge to Your Bed and Breakfast

  1. Change the beds (and the mattresses)

If the rooms in your bed and breakfast are equipped with one of those beds that can barely fit two people and are extremely crammed in terms of space, you need to change them immediately. These kind of congested beds give an extremely bad first impression and are neither physically nor mentally appealing.

In addition to that, the mattresses that are placed on the beds should be extremely comfortable and relaxing. If you have one of those kill-someone’s-back mattresses, you need to get rid of them immediately. Try and get one of those spring mattresses. Additionally, try and get comfortable pillows to ensure that you provide your guests with everything necessary for a peaceful and sound sleep.

For guests that travel with children, try and provide them with white noise machines that are designed to help put children to sleep. You can click here to read more about these machines, how they work and where you can purchase a few for your bed and breakfast.

  1. Offer proper amenities

When it comes to amenities, bed and breakfast ought to offer amenities that are as good as offered by hotels. This includes but is not limited to shampoos, soaps, body washes, toothbrushes, toothpastes etc. If you want to go the extra mile then throw in a hair brush, a bath robe and some bathroom slippers for that touch of royalty.

  1. Offer homemade breakfast

One reason why people prefer to stay in bed and breakfast is because they like the ‘homey’ feel that it has to it. That is why your aim should be to try and maintain that home-like feeling as much as you can. One way to do that is to offer homemade breakfast to your guests that consists of organic products for the most part. Ranging from vegetables to cheeses to breads to yoghurt to milk to various other products; try and make it as homemade and natural as you can. Your guests will love that.

  1. Prioritize cleanliness

Often times when bed and breakfast start out new, they are sparkling clean. Unfortunately, as time passes by, bed and breakfast owners are unable to maintain those standards of cleanliness and their bed and breakfast falls to the hands of unhygienic conditions. Cleanliness is to be prioritized; it comes before all facilities are food. This includes clean furniture, clean bathrooms, clean bedsheets, clean towels and clean food.

In the end, service is definitely king. Good service paired with all the things listed above is guaranteed to make your bed and breakfast a hit.

Ways You Can Advertise Your Bed and Breakfast Effectively

There was a time when bed and breakfast establishments were avoided by people because they have associated it with shabby and poor interiors. Over the past years, bed and breakfast businesses have leveled up and changed what they can offer to the general public. Due to the change, more and more people are starting to see the advantage of staying at a bed and breakfast place instead of a hotel.

Ways You Can Advertise Your Bed and Breakfast Effectively

If you have your own bed and breakfast, your main goal is to advertise it properly. One of the best ways is by having the right photos that will showcase the beauty of your establishment. While you may use a bit of Photoshop replace color, make sure that the changes will not be too drastic that people will not recognize your bed and breakfast place anymore when they see it in person. Perhaps you should learn more about how to use Photoshop effectively as this software can truly change the quality of your photos.

In order to advertise your bed and breakfast place further, here are some great ideas to try:

  1. Create your own website.

Do you realize that a lot of businesses today will not be able to survive and will not be recognized if they do not have their own website? You will find it harder to be noticed by people if you do not have your own website too. If you have the budget for it, hire a web designer to create your website for you. It will make a lot of difference if your website is easy to navigate in.

  1. Join travel websites.

By joining travel websites, you are increasing the possibility of people seeing your bed and breakfast place and what you can offer. There are different travel websites you can join but if you want, you can only choose those that can bring in more revenue.

  1. Improve the ratings of your bed and breakfast.

Reviews are a big deal with a lot of people at present time. If people would see that you mostly have bad reviews, they will not choose you over all the other establishments available. You have to show that you can offer quality service. You may also want to show them what you can offer that others cannot so that they will be obliged to choose your establishment.

  1. Have social media pages.

Social media sites are not made merely to help people connect with each other. Social media sites can also be an avenue for business owners like you who would like your business to become more familiar with regular social media site users. The pages can display all the details that people may want to know about you. Do not forget to place your contact details too.

  1. Become part of online directories.

Online directories are there for a reason and that is to help businesses become discovered by people who are looking for the services that you offer. To make your directory effective, do not forget to add a link to your website as well as your contact details.

The options that are mentioned above are just a few of the things that you can do so that you can advertise your business appropriately. Can you still think of a few more effective advertising alternatives?

How Upgrading Your Bed and Breakfast can Reduce Homeowners Insurance Costs

If you own a bed and breakfast business, you have to keep your customers happy. The amount of income generated through such a business depends largely on the condition of your houses. When it comes to business costs, it is important to reduce the amount that you pay for homeowners insurance. As you can see from websites such as, there is a difference in the amounts that you are likely to pay depending on various aspects. You can significantly reduce your premiums if you upgrade the house. For a bed and breakfast business, the following are some of the ways through which you can achieve this.

How Upgrading Your Bed and Breakfast can Reduce Homeowners Insurance Costs

Comply with fire safety requirements

The amount that you are likely to pay for insuring your house against fire is determined by the risk attached to it. If you have not done anything to minimize the possibility of fire accidents, you are likely to be charged more. In fact, there are insurers who will not give you a cover until you meet certain requirements. In your next upgrade, consider including fire extinguishers, exit signs and similar provisions in your house. You also should put in place the necessary requirements that will minimize the possibility of a fire outbreak. These are very simply requirements yet they go a long way to reduce the losses likely to be incurred in case of a fire accident.

Proof your house against water damages

What will be the magnitude of damages to your bed and breakfast business in case of a flood? Will you lose everything or will the effect only be minimal? The answers to this question depend on how much you have done to proof your house from water damages. If it is the kind of house that will be brought down by a little water, the risk will make you to pay too much for insurance. If you have not set in place the necessary measures to prevent the water from damaging your valuable property, you may find it difficult to get an insurer. However, there are many contractors that can help you to comply with this. You only need to ask them for the best preventive measures and they will do it based on your budget. Another factor that affects the costs of insurance against water damage is your location.

Improve security in and out of the house

Security is another factor that every underwriter uses when evaluating the risk related to any house. Every homeowner knows how important it is to safeguard their property from theft and other losses. When inspecting your house, the insurance company will want to know how secure the doors are. They also will want to know how easy it is for anyone to get into your home. For areas where robberies and burglaries are high, you can reduce this possibility by hiring security guards. In the case of an upgrade, consider replacing the doors and windows with stronger ones. You also should think about replacing the locks or rekeying them to make them more secure.

Upgrade the drainage system

Sewer lines, water pipes, and other aspects of the drainage system are also likely to affect the costs of insuring your house. For a bed and breakfast business, this does not only affect the insurance but also the types of customers that you attract. Leaving and faulty drainage systems can easily cause a house to lose its appeal. If they are ignored for too long, they will make the house weak meaning that there are more changes of property damage. Instead of ending up paying too much for insurance, simply find a plumber to upgrade the drainage system. If you talk to any of the insurance companies near you, you will notice that they are always keen to know how well your house is kept before they offer you any insurance plan. To find out more about home insurance, click here.

General maintenance routines are also vital when it comes to the cost of homeowners insurance. You will notice that at the end of the day, what the insurers is concerned about is the risk associated with the house. If you are looking for the most affordable rates, you may want to compare quotes from various companies. Do not just rush to pick a plan without knowing what the others can offer. You also should arrange a meeting with the insurer or their agent just to find out the details about their services. Use this as an opportunity to ask all the questions and get all the information you need.

4 Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Bed and Breakfast Business

Owning a bed and breakfast is an awesome thing to do – only if you are fully prepared for it. If you are seriously planning on starting your own bed and breakfast business, then there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Once you are able to answer these questions for yourself, you will get a better idea of where you stand in terms of owning your very own bed and breakfast.

Why would you like to possess a bed and breakfast?

Would you like to do it since you want to cook, socialize and meet individuals? Is it since you’ve turned into an empty nester and have additional space? On the other hand, would you like to earn some profit while running the B&B? These inquiries don’t block having a fabulous time, or profiting out of your hobbies. Be that as it may, your answer will decide how you will judge whether your B&B is “effective”.

4 Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Bed and Breakfast Business

What will achievement look like for you?

Will you tally accomplishment by the quantity of individuals you have remain with you? The quantity of decent visitor reviews you get? The measure of income you make? Can achievement not be those things? Yes, they can. In any case, having an unmistakable thought of how you will measure achievement will help you make sense of what you have to do, concentrate on and measure so you will know without a doubt – as opposed to relying upon your “gut”. What’s more, it will help you remain on course, and pinpoint where you require help if things aren’t going the way you had initially planned.

What amount of cash do you have to make?

Various new bed and breakfast owners begin by saying that in the event that they re-coup their expenses of running the B&B and have a good time while doing it, it will be beneficial. Others need to have the capacity to make a living from their home. A few people need to support their present income. In many areas, to be classed as a bed and breakfast, the owner should live nearby, and you are constrained to the quantity of guestrooms you can have. You will confront increased expenses for things like promoting, security and utilities Depending on how you run the B&B, you could be actually available to come back to work 24 hours a day – and in peak season, 7 days a week. Are you mentally and physically prepared for catching squirrels in the attic? You are ensured to need to work ends of the week and occasions – when the greater part of your family will be off work. Is the amount of cash you have to make worth that kind of time duty?

What sort of personal support do you have for this idea?

Having the support of family and companions makes owning a bed and breakfast less demanding. Getting their support on your idea will help you enormously – from having a comfort in times of dire need when you need to manage troublesome people, to a sheltered place to vent when individuals complain your prices are too high.

3 Problem-Solving Hacks for Bed and Breakfast Owners

You might have read, heard and learnt all the traditional tips and to-do’s regarding setting up and running a bed breakfast. Skipping those, we are here to offer you some real and useful tips. Something as useful as real life hacks, we have some bed and breakfast hacks for you to get your business up and running successfully!

3 Problem-Solving Hacks for Bed and Breakfast Owners

  1. Online forums, gatherings as well as resources– are accessible every minute of every day and can be an incredible source of data for you

In any case, keep in mind that regulations influencing B&Bs depend on area, so remember that when listening to counsel. Facebook has two private groups that we know of – which guarantees you can make sure that the general population noting your inquiry will be B&B proprietors.

There are numerous B&B groups that can be found on Linkedin. Ensure if the inquiry is a fragile one, you ask it in a private or closed group to guarantee protection. Numerous bed and breakfast affiliation sites have forums for their members – the uplifting news are these groups have a tendency to be geology based, so the data may be more pertinent to your circumstance. (By and large there is a participation cost required to have a place).

Be sure to sign up for e-newsletters as well as e-blogs and e-updates. Not every one of your issues will be related with running the bed and breakfast, so in addition to that you can search out different websites and bulletins. Most are free (in return for your email address) and give data from tenderfoot levels to the advanced. Consider business and promoting related sites, and other B&B’s bulletins.

  1. Your genuine experience is the best instructor of all

You have more than likely stayed in other bed and breakfast throughout the years – scribble down things you recall – both the great and terrible. For example, you might have liked something in a room that you could prefer adding to your own to offer a feel-at-home feeling to your guests.

Another idea is to stay at your competitors bed and breakfast to observe how they operate or how they do things differently. This will give you an insight you never would have imagined.

When you are open, you might need to investigate room swapping locales for B&B proprietors. Note – check their bustling seasons when arranging your outings – they aren’t really interested in giving up their rooms amid the peak times, and neither will you!

  1. Neighborhood tourism associations and organizations can give data specifically identified with your business

Bed and breakfast associations can be exceptionally useful, and may permit you to join before opening. Their individual and aggregate points of view can be useful on the sorts of visitors you can expect; what those visitors are searching for in the method for convenience; why they do things the way they do at their B&Bs and their input on your thoughts.

Try not to neglect different organizations that oblige sightseers –, for example, vacation destinations and eateries. They are likewise in the client service business and have a decent handle on the sort of individuals going to the zone. Now and then they can give arrangements that you would have never considered due to their alternate point of view.

3 Business Must-Haves for Bed and Breakfast Owners

Starting a whole new business can be extreme, as detours you never thought to envision crop up particularly while doing startup raising support. Constrained time, labor, and spending plans would all be able to be a variable as the workload heaps up and the bills come coming in. With a strong group and the right apparatuses anyway, you’ll soon be enroute to achieving your business potential. The following is a small list of must-haves for small business owners such as bed-and-breakfast owners.

3 Business Must-Haves for Bed and Breakfast Owners

  1. Google Analytics

With any other business, it’s about the numbers. What amount of activity does your site create? Where does the greater part of that activity originate from? What are some key demographics of your intended interest group? These inquiries assume a noteworthy part in the achievement of a startup, and following them is no simple deed. That is the place Google Analytics comes to play. Playing off their notoriety for imaginative and simple to use services, Google’s insights apparatus is no special case. Clients can see the nations their site has been found in, the rate contrasts in movement drivers, and their key numbers, broken out by the day, week, month, or year. Best of all, Google Analytics utilizes plainly checked outlines and charts so that even the minimum educated individual can feel certain with comprehension of their data. This way you could easily check the demographics of people who visit your website to make bookings and advertise accordingly.

  1. EchoSign

Tired of file organizers loaded with free archives that simply continue mounting? EchoSign is the eco-accommodating arrangement. Basically transfer your reports onto the EchoSign server and send to the next group. With its E-sign capacity, EchoSign makes signing contracts a bother free occasion, with no printer or scanner fundamental. Essentially sort in your name and initials and EchoSign will save your signed records on their server for you to use at whatever point you require. Rather than discarding many dollars on paper, printer ink, and a scanner, EchoSign spares you time, cash, and work, all while making a push to enhance our biological system.

  1. DropBox

Dropbox is the multitasker’s deliverer, making a virtual connection between the majority of your Internet associated gadgets. Using the cloud sparing ability, clients can spare the greater part of their pictures, reports, and video cuts onto their Dropbox account, which can then be downloaded from anyplace. Try not to stress over losing a record, or sending documents that are too substantial. With Dropbox, you can without much of a stretch offer documents to different clients. At last, one of the more unnoticed advantages to this document stockpiling, Dropbox permits you to keep a record for the majority of your records. Make customized organizers and recovery your records likewise; they’ll all be there when you arrive the following morning.

Additionally, with any new business, there are physical components involved too which cannot be overlooked. For example, you might need a warehouse to store all your goods/needed equipment. The cheaper option would obviously be to Rent Temporary Warehouse. Likewise, if you need furniture for your bed and breakfast, you could rent that out too; of course temporarily!

Keeping Your Bed and Breakfast Secure

Running your very own bed and breakfast is a dream come true for you but before you were able to open it and start it, you had to go through a lot of things. You had to make sure that your bed and breakfast will appeal to a lot of travellers that usually frequent your place. You had to think about its appearance and the services that you are offering.

When you open a bed and breakfast, you are opening something that is meant to be enjoyed by your guests and at the same time, you are also curious about the different guests that may stay at your bed and breakfast place. Why do you think do you need to please your guests? It is because if they become happy, you can expect that they will recommend your business to people that they know. The time will come when you will have a lot of frequent visitors.

Keeping Your Bed and Breakfast Secure

The more guests that you have, the better it is going to be for your business but at the same time, you need to make sure that your bed and breakfast will be safe and secure. How do you think will you be able to manage that?

It will help if you know some martial arts. Karate is one of the most popular martial arts now. If in case you have some unwanted intruders, you can use your Karate skills in order to drive them out of your bed and breakfast. You need to keep your guests safe after all. You can take self defense classes when you get the chance but you can also hire security personnel who will keep your business safe especially when you are not there.

Here are some other tips that will help you keep your bed and breakfast safe and secure:

  1. You can place CCTV cameras in certain places of your bed and breakfast.

If you do not have enough money in order to place CCTV cameras, you can place some dummy CCTV cameras too. These cameras will be enough to deter possible intruders because they assume that their faces will be seen and they can get caught. Most crooks do not want to get caught so they will not try something that they might regret.

  1. Keep your bed and breakfast well maintained.

One of the reasons why people assume that your bed and breakfast is not being monitored enough is because it is not well maintained. You need to pay attention to the exterior appearance of your business. You can also keep the insides well maintained. It will make a lot of difference.

  1. Focus on your landscape.

When was the last time that you have paid attention to the exterior of your bed and breakfast business. The way that your landscape looks is extremely important. Just putting grass on the landscape will make a lot difference. You can also put some lawn decorations in order to improve your home’s appearance.

When you do the things that are mentioned above, you will make your guests safe and secure not only from intruders, but you are going to protect your guests’ health.

Why Bed and Breakfast Owners Should File Tax Returns with CPAs

The advantages of filing tax returns with the help of a CPA, or a certified public accountant, include as filing becomes more unpredictable. CPAs are guaranteed to handle any kind of accounting and tax situation. As a bed and breakfast owner, it must be a bit difficult for you to manage all of your finances as well as your taxes. To make the best of your taxes and to save through tax returns, consider taking the help of a CPA. CPAs are bookkeepers that work all alone or for bigger organizations that have taken a CPA examination, perceiving that they are qualified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Numerous states oblige CPAs to work a specific number of hours to learn examining, and also pick up a specific measure of information before they are permitted to take the accreditation exam.


Other than knowing your budgetary wellbeing, CPAs can make a financial plan to individuals with unpaid taxes, work out installment arranges with the IRS for taxes and tax return and spot territories where you can save cash or even invest cash. Numerous individuals and organizations employ CPAs to do month to month bookkeeping to monitor costs and budgetary arranging, as per the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants. A CPA can likewise prompt organizations on speculations, stock, rebuilding, and deals or mergers.

Keeping away from Fraud

CPAs are confirmed by both the state and government. The bookkeeping and evaluating aptitudes of CPAs are audited every now and again by the IRS; the association surveys taxes and can disbar a CPA for not doing the employment legitimately. Case in point, in 2010, CPA Tim W. Kaskey was disbarred for not finishing due industriousness in planning government forms, as indicated by a public statement issued by the IRS. The CPA permit likewise obliges specialists to give a man each accessible tax alternative, and they can’t confer a false demonstration without losing their affirmation and going to imprison. CPAs are prepared to spot false acts or misappropriation, and numerous CPAs are frequently employed by enterprises to check that nobody is carrying out these violations.

Why Bed and Breakfast Owners Should File Tax Returns with CPAs

IRS Audits

CPAs are the best method for battling an IRS tax review, back assessments and reprobate taxes. CPAs frequently create associations with the IRS and assessment legal advisors, so they can make referrals and transfer data to these sources for the benefit of their customers. The CPA can sort out the data required for in-office or at-home reviews, if need be, and can likewise record an advance or organize installments to happen after some time, as opposed to in a single amount.

Saving Money

CPAs can likewise help customers save cash in light of the fact that the CPA knows every one of the things a citizen can deduct or announce. CPAs know how to handle land, investment, life changes, business accounts and outside records. The CPA will probably request that numerous inquiries ensure that he can save you however much cash as could be expected. Moreover, the CPA is prepared to search for warnings that could incite a review by the IRS, and will guarantee a customer’s return is free of such banners.

The Etiquettes of Staying At a Bed and Breakfast

A stay at a bed and breakfast (B&B) isn’t the same as staying at a vast and lavish hotel. The owners of a B&B have benevolently opened their home to you as a visitor, and you’re prone to have a much more individual experience. While most voyagers are acquainted with the “principles” when they check in at inns and resorts, they may not comprehend what’s in store — or what is anticipated from them — when they stay at a B&B surprisingly.

The Etiquettes of Staying At a Bed and Breakfast

We talked with some B&B owners to discover the insider’s viewpoint on B&B behavior. Here are some useful tips for benefitting as much as possible from your stay!

  1. Follow guidelines on reservations. Most B&Bs have websites that disclose whether to call or to use a contact form. These locales additionally list all policies. On the off chance that entry time cut-off is 8 p.m., don’t breeze in after 9. If you face any problem such as traffic then call up your inn-keeper and inform him/her as soon as possible.
  1. On the off chance that you should call to hold as opposed to use an online contact form, don’t trouble a B&B owner amid breakfast hours. Any owner will let you know there’s nothing more terrible than having the telephone ring while fried eggs are on the skillet.
  1. Landlords don’t work a 9-to-5 work, yet this wouldn’t mean they like to be annoyed by telephone whenever of the day or night. Use carefulness in picking when to call.
  1. Knock on the door of a B&B. Don’t just open it and walk in. The suggestion may appear glaringly evident, yet numerous explorers commit this error and their association with an owner will be set for a not as much as impeccable begin. A B&B is regularly a private residence.
  1. Regard the way that a B&B proprietor is sharing individual space. Inquire as to whether it is okay to sit in their parlor, for occurrence, or to use garden furniture.
  1. Compliment the owner in the event that you like what you see, which you most likely will, having picked the B&B taking into account an online depiction and photographs.
  1. In the event that you are lactose intolerant or eat gluten free food, make certain to impart these necessities from the get-go so as to encourage the stocking of suitable procurements.
  1. Compliment the owner on his/her cooking, particularly in the event that it is better than average.
  1. Try not to treat the B&B owner like a worker. Owners give an administration, genuine. Be that as it may, the perceiving visitor, who approaches a landlord with deference, will be the one to get the additional items: the choice of having espresso before breakfast is served, the most sumptuous down cushions, the corresponding glass of wine, a blessing at flight.
  1. Don’t expect the B&B owner to be dumb. Numerous individuals go into this calling after retirement. It is not abnormal for a landlord to have the capacity to discuss subjects visitors may know nothing about. For example, the owner may advise you on setting up a self managed super fund as he/she must have done for himself/herself to benefit from it after retirement.
  1. Make inquiries about the place that you are staying at. Nobody knows the territory better than an individual from the tourism business. The landlord will be upbeat to share his/her insight and may give tips not found in manuals.

When you prescribe a B&B to companions, ensure the landlord knows about the suggestion. He/she will be all the more eager to offer discount for when you plan to stay the next time.

How to Improve the Bathroom of Your Bed and Breakfast?

You do know that one of the reasons why people still stay at hotels over bed and breakfast places is because they believe that the amenities and facilities are not as good as the ones in a hotel. If you have your very own bed and breakfast perhaps you should think about paying attention to your bathroom.

Your bathroom will make a lot of difference with how guests would react to your B&B. You can ask a lot of customers and a lot of them would say that the bathroom can make or break their stay. You always have to focus on your business first and your customers second when it comes to your B&B business. You will find this method easy because if you have fixed everything you need regarding your business, then you can count on your customers being happy.

How to Improve the Bathroom of Your Bed and Breakfast?

One problem that you may encounter is not having enough cash in order to renovate your bathroom. Do not worry because doing some changes with your bathroom now will not require you to spend a lot of money. You can become inspired by coventry bathrooms that you have seen online. Here are other small hacks that you can do to have an amazing looking bathroom that will be appreciated by your guests.

  1. Change Your Shower Head

Gone are the days when the shower head is composed of a small head that looks similar to the bidet. Right now, shower heads are meant to be big and they are meant to cover your guests’ heads as they bathe. You know that there will be good and powerful shower heads that are available.

  1. Change Your Faucet Handles

You know that you have to replace your faucets at the soonest possible time but do not know how much you are going to spend. There are a lot of choices that are available right now. Some faucets may seem expensive but are not expensive at all.

  1. Pay Attention to Broken Tiles

One of the things that will always deter guests from liking your bathroom is seeing some broken tiles in various places in your bathroom. If you do not want to change all of your tiles in order to save money, what you can do is to find tiles that will match the broken ones. It will seem like your bathroom is brand new and this is how you want to market your B&B.

  1. Your Mirror Should Be Changed

There is a big possibility that your mirror is already outdate and it is already bad looking. You can always change your mirror so that it will look amazing together with the rest of your bathroom. You will be surprised with how it will light up your whole bathroom.

  1. Keep Your Bathroom Clean

You need to remember that the best way to get good reviews when it comes to the bathroom is to make sure that you will keep your bathroom clean. Make sure that before you admit guests, you would have the room and bathroom cleaned thoroughly.

With all of these tips in mind, you can have a great looking bathroom that your guests will appreciate.